Since 1961, National Church Residences reputation has been strengthened by our continued commitment to our core values - “Mission, Vision, Leadership, Compassion, and Professionalism”. Our employees strive to perform by the spirit of these high ideals and, as a result, are an essential part of the NCR’s success. NCR's investment in education and career development is a reward for our staff and evidence of our vision to have the best educational curriculum in the affordable housing industry” Mark Ricketts – Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President of Housing

What is the university?

National Church Residences understands that property management professionals in today’s work place are challenged as never before. Superior skills and knowledge are necessary to keep up with the growing organization and quality education is the key to continued success.

In order to meet these needs, the NCR University (NCRU) has been established to offer career advancement opportunities for all positions in the Housing Division. The NCR University curriculum is designed to promote individual performance development in “core competencies” for each position within the organization.

NCRU will provide a fully integrated approach to learning by offering distance learning courses online and through regional and national classroom seminars. Each course will be fully certified by the company and course credits awarded. Completion of NCRU coursework will affect annual performance review, pay consideration, and company-wide promotion opportunity.

NCR University Goals.

To answer the immediate and future education and development requirements of all NCR employees by developing curriculum that is highly interactive and tied to meet specific community, regional, and company goals.

To enhance and build upon the collective strengths and knowledge of the regions and the employees.

To develop educational curriculum and technology that will advance NCR into the future as a leader in the field of employee training and development.

What are the benefits of participation in the NCR University courses and programs?

One of the principal benefits of the NCRU is its unified approach to training and education. Employees who receive training in one part of the country may become qualified for positions that become available elsewhere within the company. Since education and training is consistent throughout the organization, the transition from one location to another is seamless.

NCR employees seek to perform to the highest industry standards of service and strive towards goals that reflect the quality, integrity and professional style upon which the company was founded.

The company is committed to providing employees with the opportunity to grow skills, knowledge and tools necessary to meet those high standards. That is why, regardless of the job level or assignment, every employee will be offered required courses as well as elective courses to define a career development plan that is specific and individual.

The preparation for and participation in these dynamic programs will not only equip employees to meet challenges within the organization but also foster personal and professional growth for the future.

Will enrollment and participation in the NCRU help me advance within the company?

Yes! At NCR, all employees will be considered for job openings and opportunities based on professional development plans and achievement of course credits that are required for each position. Advancement is also predicated on using NCRU skills successful on the job.

NCRU prides itself in having the most qualified, experienced and best-trained professional staff in the field of property management.

NCR’s goal is to promote from within whenever the right candidates and job opportunities are available. Everyone is encouraged to be aggressive in seeking out additional responsibility and to get involved. People are NCR’s most valuable asset and the success of the company lies in the development and support of the employees.

Who are the instructors for the NCR University?

NCRU instructors have many years of professional experience and extensive knowledge of the subject materials. The diversity of knowledge represented in the instructors creates a connection to many different views and strategies for varying market situations.

Instructors representing the NCR Basics program have received specialized training and certifications to ensure the understanding of the adult learning process and course content relating to the subject matter. These instructors are called Certified Training Associates, CTAs. They organize and coordinate regional training that supports the NCRU goals and requirements and are typically community employees that have obtained a company designation based on predetermined competencies and corporate certification. Career development plans to obtain a CTA designation are available through NCRU.

All instructors are dedicated to teaching, training, and improving the skills of NCR employees and to establishing education as the foundation for the company’s growth.

What types of courses are offered on the NCR University?

The NCRU follows a sequential process. The effectiveness and mastery of the NCR Basics course contributes to each subsequent level. This type of succession training is designed to assist in practical work applications as well as advanced skill development in such areas as problem solving, team building, and leadership.

All employees are required to attend an orientation course designed to acquaint them with the company’s mission and vision. This will also serve to introduce the employee to operational procedure, standards and philosophy.

Upon enrollment, each employee will be given an individual development plan. NCR Basics and certain program certifications will be considered required courses and certification a prerequisite to the higher level courses.

The courses outlined in the University Course Catalog and in the NCRU – Online program strive for the highest quality industry education possible. Special attention is given to the activities and practical application segments to enhance and reinforce the course content and promote a transfer from the classroom to the community.


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